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                Job Recruitment of English Teacher (native speakers) in Xiamen Institute of Software Technology, Xiamen, Fujian

                来源:本站编辑 点击数:日期:2019-10-14 15:28:52

                ABOUT XIST
                Founded in 2002, Xiamen Institute of Software Technology (XIST), a multidisciplinary Institute, has its specialized branches of science, engineering, Digital media, economics and computer science. We'll have international school positions available in late October. Teachers are required to teach students aged from 18 and above.
                What we can offer you?
                1. Free accommodation on campus
                2. A built curriculum
                3. Paid Vacation
                Job Responsibilities and other requirements:
                1. Native English Speaker. Active, enthusiastic and have an interest in teaching.
                2. Teaching experience is preferred.
                3. Salaries will be negotiated further.

                Minimum Qualification Requirements:
                Nationality: Native speakers
                Degree: Bachelor or above
                Subject to teach: Oral English
                Teaching hours:16-18  (45 min/teaching hour)
                Office hour: 6hrs per week
                Students age: 18+
                Terms of Employment
                Contract length: I year
                Insurance: paid by institute
                Paid vacations: yes
                Have an interest? Please send a message to 18859265535 with your name and current address but no calls, and also a CV to 923975849@qq.com; xmisthr@126.com to apply for the job!
                Deadline for application: 01/11/2019