13th of March, 2016

Hey Friends,   Thank you so much for the overwhelming feedback on my last post about the benefits of Groupon. I received a number of messages from, you, my new friends. Again, Thank You! In this post, I want to show my appreciation to all of those who messaged me with their positive experiences with […]

1st of March, 2016

Hey friends, Today, I am going to discuss Groupon! Some of you might be saying….What is Groupon? Well for those who do not know I will give you a brief explanation. Hundreds of businesses all over the nation contact Groupon to sell their products and/or services at a discounted rate. Some businesses put a limit […]

26th of February, 2016

Hey Friends, Today, I was going to talk about the value of groupon and living social. But, I want to talk about, credit cards and possibly having to many. Does having to many credit cards may hurt you? And, will it prevent you from getting something you really want. For example, I have six credit […]

24th of February, 2016

Hey Agapita, here. I want to sincerely apologize for the elapsed time between my first post and this one. I had a family emergency and placed much of my extra curricular activities on hold, but now I am back :-) Let’s do a short review on what I talked about last time. So, I refinanced […]

Welcome to my new website

Hi and welcome! I am excited to get started on my new website. This blog will focus on loans, credit cards, borrowing, etc. I will mainly discuss my personal encounters with creditors and what I believe is the best approach in finding the lowest rate possible when applying for a personal loan, car loan, credit […]